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Nikki Boudreaux founded Greaux Fit (pronounced Grow Fit) after a spending the last 15+ years dedicated to learning everything she could about various sports and fitness philosophies. From the bootcamp techniques learned in the marines, to the drills she used as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach, her well rounded background helps Nikki customize flexible and unique plans to fit each client's goals.  


Getting to know Greaux Fit:

Q: Who is your ideal client?
A: Anyone who is excited to learn about themselves and is ready to commit to a fitness journey. Someone who wants to learn to train like a pro. I want serious clients with serious goals... who like to have a lot of fun!

Q: What is online training and is it as effective as in-person training?
A: You can have someone for one hour a week watching you lift weights, but who helps you change up your workout at the last minute because your hotel gym only had 3 machines? I do that for my clients. I'm there to help if they get invited to a last minute dinner with friends and need a substitution on their meal plan. I'm just a text away if they get to the supplement store and can't remember what kind of protein they're supposed to buy. We have weekly progress check-ins, but because nobody knows when they're going to need a little coaching, I'm available as often as they'd like. 

Q: What makes you different than other trainers?
A: I'm not just a trainer, I'm a coach. When you sign up with me, I'm 100% invested. If you cheat and eat 12 doughnuts, we'll laugh that you were drawn to the Krispy Kreme light like a bug in the summer, and then we'll come up with a plan to hit it hard in the gym tomorrow. If you're lacking motivation because of something going on in your life, I want to talk about it and work on that together. 

Q: What would you tell someone who's thinking of working with you?
A: I don't want to just make you better, I want to TEACH YOU HOW to be better! Let's do work and GREAUX together!


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Online Training

An online personal trainer can help you meet your fitness goals with personalized meal plans, custom exercise programs, weekly progress check-ins and coaching that fits your schedule.  


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